Our company is based at Castelnovo di Sotto in the province of Reggio Emilia, the heart of the main farming area in Italy. Its roots are in the fields and its experience led to the design of its farming machinery, aiming at producing more with less effort: sturdy equipment that is reliable and versatile, and as simple or sophisticated as needs demand. This equipment meets a wide variety of requirements of modern farmers for working their fields. Its machinery reaps the benefits of many years of hands-on experience in the agricultural industry and its dedication to meet the demands of its customers, investigating and sharing the hopes of those who believe in the land's vocation of feeding the human race.
At Cucchi, we continue to successfully design multi-purpose machinery with our pledge of the lowest possible running costs and punctual service, if needed. Machinery on a human scale that is simple to operate and easy to handle, yet as sound as a favourite pet, capable of making a tangible mark on the daily jobs performed by farmers, both when working the fields and at harvest time.
Machinery built by experts with hands-on experience in the problems encountered when working the fields. We have put our skills and experience at the service of modern agriculture, with results that put us on a par with the most experienced manufacturers in the industry.

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