Decade - MACXAce Vented Plastic Bin

Product code : DEP/MACXACEV

The new MACXAce® was designed to meet the most rigorous of applications. With its innovative one-piece design, the MACXAce will work well in the Agriculture, Food Processing and Industrial industries. MACXAce® containers are temperature resistant, UV resistant and can be stacked 10 high. The unique molded in ribbing will give extra sidewall strength and prevent bulging of the bin. Because of the strength and durability of the bins, Decade bins are extremely cost-effective vs. wood and corrugated.

Their ventilated design accelerates the cooling process of your fruits and vegetables to prolong their quality and freshness.

Specifications MACX ACE Custom
Exterior dimensions 48” x 40” x 31” (122 cm x 102 cm x 79 cm)
Interior dimensions 45” x 37” x 26” (114 cm x 94 cm x 66 cm)
Weight 74 lb - 34 kg
Capacity 1500 lb - 680 kg
Stack height 10
Nesting capability Yes

Standard Options and Accessories:

  • Stacks with the current MACX® bin
  • 40x48x31, 20 bushel bin
  • Molded one piece for greater durability
  • Inventory on hand/no minimum
  • Meet your food safety requirements
  • Innovative design
  • Extra ribbing for more sidewall support
  • Light weight
  • Color options available