Agrofer - G40-RT-TA Trailer for Harvesting Bins

Product code : AGF/G40-RT-TA

Trailers can hold from 3 to 6 containers, depending on the model. They can hold loads of 1500-5000 kg (3307-11023 lb). Trailer width is adapted according to the space between rows in the orchard or vineyard.

The unloading ramps fold onto the containers to ensure secure transportation and stop the load from shifting.

The unloading ramps are equipped with running boards to help pickers fill the containers quickly.

Upon request, security features such as turn signals or pneumatic or hydraulic brakes can also be installed.

Trailers include:

  • A bearing system to facilitate container loading and unloading.
  • A smart drawbar fixed to the thee-point connection for turning tight corners and easily lifting the trailer from the cab.