Absoger - PSA High-purity Nitrogen Generator

Product code : ABG/PSA-HP

Nitrogen is an inexpensive inert gas frequently used to replace oxygen in packaging and processing where there are risks of oxidation damaging food or liquids (e.g., wine). In areas without oxygen (anaerobic environments), the growth of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms is minimized.

Uses of high-purity nitrogen

Wine industry:

Become your own nitrogen supplier – replace your nitrogen cylinders with a high-purity nitrogen generator. In winemaking, nitrogen plays a critical role in controlling oxygen and carbon gas that can lead to undesirable effects on the finished product.

Nitrogen can be used for:

  • Protection against oxidation:
    • Protecting harvests and musts
    • Pressing, disgorging, transferring, barrel filling, blanketing, bottling
    • Physical treatments: filtering, tartaric stabilization (racking off), electrodialysis
  • Mixing: settling, floatation separation, pumping-over, blending, fining
  • Stripping: deoxygenation, decarbonation

Food industry:

Packaging under nitrogen allows food to retain its appearance, texture and nutritional value longer, while reducing the need for added preserving agents or chemical substances. It extends the shelf life of foods without preservatives or chemicals.

Artwork treatment:

To preserve works of art, it is recommended that they are kept in an oxygen-free environment in order to destroy any micro-organisms that may be living in or on canvas, fabric, paintings, tapestries, sculptures, etc.

High-purity nitrogen generators can be used in other industries, such as the oil industry. Nitrogen is also used to fight fires by reducing oxygen content in the air. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.