ProduceTech - Mechanical tree planter

Product code : PDT/TP1

  • Bare root tree planting range from a 3’ tall one year bench grafted tree to 8’ multi year nursery trees.
  • GPS tractor guidance capable to achieve high daily planting rates (1000 trees per hour)
  • Adjustable packing wheels to adapt to different planting depths.

  • Weight: 340 Kg
  • Minimum tractor power: 70 HP
  • 3 points linkage: Category 2
  • Inside width of planting box: 7 inches
  • 9.5 L x 15, 3 rib implement packing wheel tires 
  • High quality 6 bolts implement hubs 
  • Spindles with external grease fittings.
  • Replaceable Caterpillar J250 style excavator tooth on sub soiling shank.
  • Optional plant spacing indicator adjustable to plant trees from 1’ plant spacings to 6’.
  • Galvanized finish.
  • Row markers available for row width.
  • Multiple style teeth available and can be changed out with just a hammer and punch to adapt to different soil conditions.