MAF RODA - Basic palletizeur

Product code : MAF/PALB


  1. reduced dimensions/single belt
  2. box handling on the belts prevent any rotation of the fruit

Given capacity up to 2,5 layers/mm.

« Figurehead » of the MAF palettizer range, the « basic » palettizer is the most multi-purpose version. Conveyed by only a belt conveyor, boxes are first turned up by a device of rotative clamps. Stacks of boxes made up by this way are transfered by a pusher on the single belt. Layers are successively taken by a clamp device detecting the clamping contact.

The « basic » palettizer is suitable to a direct tray pack packing with a speed packer machine or to a serial palettization.

OPTIONAL: full and empty pallet infeed base.

ADVANTAGES: simplified use and programming thanks to a tactile interface High output: up to 2,5 layers/mm Boxes are positioned gently and accurately (encoders) Sound level extremely reduced Hardly any maintenance