Absoger - PaliControl - Controlled Atmosphere per Pallets

Product code : ABG/PALICONTROL


The Absoger Palicontrol system (Controlled Atmosphere pallets) was developed to enable users to maintain different fruits and vegetables in a Controlled Atmosphere in one or several large-scale refrigerators. The fruit pallets are independent of one another and can be managed individually. Palicontrol is easy to set up and use. The cover is made from high-quality plastic and can be reused over several seasons.


Palicontrol will automatically regulate the levels of O2 and CO2 inside the covers. It enables you to ensure full traceability for the data measured across the entire storage period. You can even access it remotely 24 hours a day using an internet connection or dedicated phone line.

Increase your flexibility

With this system, you can double or triple your products’ conservation time while maintaining the quality of your fruit. You’ll be able to release your fruit pallet by pallet, adjusting your output to your own needs and your market opportunities.