MAF RODA - ACCUSTACK Dynamic storage prior to palletization

Product code : MAF/ACC

The ACCUSTACK is a unit that allows the dynamic storage of boxes before the palletizing device. Boxes are automatically stored in a vertical shelf of accumulating conveyors according to their references and using an elevator. Each accumulating conveyor is designed to get the storage capacity of a full pallet of nished boxes. Once all the crates from the pallet are stored in a level of the shelves, an articulated dispenser moves to quickly evacuate the whole pallet to the palletizing area.

Technical Feutures :

  • Electric power: 1.5 Kw (lift).
  • Power suply: 400 V three-phase + N + T.
  • Air consumption: 20 Nm3/h (7 levels).
  • Movement speed: 900 boxes / h depending on the application.
  • Height: According to customer requirements / number of levels.

Advantages :

  • The ideal system for the management of multiple simultaneous references.
  • Automatic and dynamic references involvement device.
  • Space optimization, as it has accumulating conveyors stacked vertically and just one palletizing device.
  • It makes the most of the machinery which is the subject of the automation.
  • It reduces to a minimum maintenance the cost of equipment, given that mechanisms and potential points of con ict are minimized.
  • Simple and intuitive operation through a touch screen.
  • Supervisor for visualization and detailed monitoring of all production in transit.
  • Possible networking with the customer database for management of work orders.
  • Di fferent sizes of packing on the same machine can be processed.
  • Control of all not completed boxes at the end of the day, with possible conservation.