MAF RODA - Pallet Straper - Corner board positioner

Product code : MAF/CER

Machine allowing the strapping of pallets of crates.

  • Strapper specifications : The FLA 300 strapper incorporates MAF group technological innovations (control of movements by encoders, pneumatic head, etc.). It can work with straps of 0.7 to 0.9mm thickness. Straps all pallet dimensions whether lengthwise or crosswise. Circular and floating frame for better adaptation to the position of the pallet. Integrated anti-drop frame to respect standards. Launch and recovery of strap by the circular frame controlled by the encoder. Vertical Reel slide. Strap sealed by thermowelding.
  • Corner bord floor mounted specifications : Corner board handler with 4 to 8 fixed with rear infeed magazines, supply from the back without stopping the line. Thanks to telescopic arms, corner board placement is adaptable to all types of pallet.

No need to configure at each change of type of pallet.


  • Automatic: The FLA 300 can work with automatic or manual pallet supply.
  • Control: By ergonomic touch screen, with fault indication.
  • Consumables:


  • Voltage : 220/380 V
  • Installed power: 4.5 HP, or with floor mounted corner board in the ground: 7 HP
  • Air consumption : 70 N l/min or with floor mounted corner board: 350 N l/min.
  • Maximum Pallet height with or without corner on conveyor or on floor: 2500 mm
  • Minimum height of the first strap from the floor 80 mm.

Corners : Plastic or carton with smooth and non-porous surface. Dimensions between 40x40 or 45x45.

Angle 90°. Maximum weight 400 gr.

Strap for automatic machine from 12x0.7 to 0.9 mm.

100% polypropylene.


  • Strapper : Automatic pallets feeding.
    • 5 straps 50 pallets/hour
    • 4 straps 55 pallets/hour
  • With Corner board : Automatic pallets feeding.
    • 5 straps 40 pallets/hour
    • 4 straps 43 pallets/hour
  • Displacement of the pallet on automatic line : 13 m/min.

Flexibility. Accuracy. Efficiency. Security.