Absoger - 6 inches Pressure and Vacuum room safety valve

Product code : ABG/CLAPAC-GARD

ProduceTech and Absoger present state of the art hydraulic security valve to protect integrity of controlled atmosphere storage rooms.

All of a sudden atmospheric pressure variations and refrigeration coolers operation make the air-nitrogen volume from CA rooms to expand and to constrict. Those fluctuations of pressure and vacuum impact on the integrity of the walls and components from the rooms and can damaged them.

In order to solve this problematic, hydraulic security valves are installed outside of the rooms and connected with rigid piping.

This device is having 3 protective operating modes: - Low pressure: a calibrated disk will open and close to let out just a little amount of air-nitrogen out of the room; - High pressure: a 6" pipe will blow out 1" of water column from a tray to let air out of the room at high speed; - Vacuum: a 6" pipe will suck the water from a tray and let the right amount of air to go in the room. After equilibrum, the water will go back in the tray to seal the valve.