MAF RODA - Universal Crate Washer

Product code : MAF/LAC

The crate washer is a processing machine which ensures optimum cleaning of the packaging material. It consists of a crate transport system with a toothed belt conveyor, a belt conveyor for the disposal of waste, an automatic water filtering system, an automatic heating system and a disposal of solid waste system. It has a high pressure washing tunnel with 56 nozzles distributed in 5 washing rings, at a pressure rate of 16 bars and a flow rate of 22 m3/hour.

The washing water is heated to temperatures around 60°C.

The crates go into the washer lengthways and are transported upside down to ensure an effective evacuation of waste.

General features:

Stainless steel machine

Dimensions: Length: 4100 mm, Width: 2300 mm, Height: 2000 mm in the closed position, 2800 mm in the open position.

Minimum height of inlet and outlet of crates: 1380 mm.

Water tank (recycled water): 1500 litres.

Working capacity:

Capacity: 1500 crates/hour

Crate dimensions: Max. width: 450 mm, Min. width: 300 mm

Energy consumption:

  • Gas: 3m3/hour
  • Diesel: 5 kg/hour
  • Water: 20 litres/hour


Universal: Treat all kinds of packaging formats.

High production capacity.

Easy access and maintenance. The machine is equipped with a motorized mesh filter with waste recovery raft that allows used water to be recycled. When it becomes saturated, the filter is self-cleaned without any human intervention and without stopping the washing process. Two types of water heating system (not included): gas burner and diesel oil burner.